Welcome to my little blog. I’m Laura, and this is my notes blog for placing my goals, dreams, actions and anything else I find to be helpful for developing myself.

Currently I live in Everett, Washington, where I am a web developer and network admin. I aspire to be an IT Security Engineer while keeping my other skills sharp. IT Security has always been my interest in the career world and I’m dedicated to seeking knowledge, gaining credentials and finding an ethical balance.

Outside of work I enjoy photography, painting, drawing, cooking, reading and raising chickens. I primarily like to take photos of flowers and plants. You can see some of my best photography on deviantART.

I am a strict autodidact – a person who self-teaches. I’ve never attended any college and I’m quite proud of the fact. I believe I can succeed (even if it’s a little bit delusional) without spending tens of thousands of dollars to learn the same skills I can through practice, books, and mentoring. I am a supporter and forum moderator of UnCollege, a foundation that teaches others to “hack” their education to make it work for them.

If you have questions or want some advice, go ahead and contact me on Facebook or email me.

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